Recticare Pain Relief for Hemorrhoids and Other Anorectal Disorders

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Product Features

  • Lidocaine 5% with
  • Local anesthetic
  • Helps relieve the pain, itching and burning associated with hemorrhoids and other anorectic disorders
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Product Description

When using this product avoid contact with eyes do not exceed recommended dosage unless directed by a doctor do not put this product by using fingers or any mechanical device or applicator stop use and ask a doctor if rectal bleeding occurs condition worsens or does not improve within 7 days allergic reaction occurs to ingredients in this product symptom being treated does not subside or if redness, irritation, swelling, pain or other symptoms develop or increase •symptoms clear up and return within a few days.

RectiCare Relief – Treatment For Hemorrhoids

Recticare offers perfect relief from the symptoms associated with hemorrhoids and helps remove the pain and inflammation that often accompanies them. If you are looking for a superior alternative to tronolane anaesthetic haemorrhoidal cream or hemorrhoid suppositories, the Recticare will be the best choice for your needs. It contains 5% lidocaine, which helps by actively numbing the hemorrhoids and stopping pain and discomfort in its tracks. Recticare Relief contains the highest level of lidocaine available over the counter and without the need for a prescription. If you are seeking rapid relief from your hemorrhoids, then this is the treatment for you.


If you have tried tronolane anaesthetic haemorrhoidal cream and find that it doesn’t provide the benefits that you expected, then RectiCare Relief should fulfill your needs. RectiCare Relief is a topical gel, which is applied directly to the area of concern. It is not one of the many uncomfortable and inconvenient hemorrhoid suppositories available on the market and is easy to apply for quick and instant relief from the burning and itching found with hemorrhoids.

The gel is absorbed quickly and comes with no strong odors or fragrances. Lidocaine is an anesthetic agent which is commonly used during minor operations to provide numbing of the area to prevent any pain or discomfort. When applied, RectiCare Relief gets to work straight away so that you can go about your day without any uncomfortable interactions.


By eradicating the pain and discomfort that is often found with hemorrhoids, RectiCare Relief allows you to live a normal and active life. Part of the problem with the condition is that it causes severe itching, which if scratched, can lead to further discomfort, swelling, and bleeding. It is an unfortunate fact that pain is the most debilitating side effect of hemorrhoids and can cause misery for those afflicted with them. The soothing gel makes it easy to use on a regular basis and allows you to apply it and then forget about it in a matter of minutes.


When tronolane anaesthetic haemorrhoidal cream or hemorrhoid suppositories just don’t offer you the required relief, RectiCare Relief will get the job done. While its actions are limited, they are the only actions you need to escape from the burning, itching, and rawness of hemorrhoids.

  • 5% Lidocaine – RectCare Reliefs main active ingredient is 5% lidocaine. Lidocaine is a commonly used anesthetic, which is used to numb the area it is administered to. The gel delivery system allows for a non-greasy and easily absorbable application that penetrates the affected area fast. Typically, one application can provide several hours effective relief so that the individual can get on with enjoying their day uninterrupted.
  • Finger Cots Included – For a more hygienic application, 10 finger cots are included with the gel so that your bare skin does not touch the affected area. This also limits the risk of passing on bacterial infections via any broken skin surfaces and enables quicker healing of the area.
  • Rapid Relief – Relief from burning, itching, and pain can be achieved in as little as 5 minutes. Upon application, the individual will experience a slight tingling sensation. This sensation quickly fades as complete numbing of the area is complete. Relief may last for several hours before reapplication is required.
  • Long Term Use – RectiCare Relief can be used over long periods without the risk of any adverse side effects, such as skin atrophy ( a thinning of the skin) which is a common side effect of hemorrhoid gels and creams that contain steroids.
  • Zero Tell-Tale Odours – RectiCare Relief also contains Zero telltale odors that are commonly found with many hemorrhoid There is a clean and mild antiseptic scent, which is nondetectable after application.

 Customer Satisfaction

For many people who suffer from hemorrhoids, their first line of treatment includes RectiCare relief. When tronolane anesthetic haemorrhoidal cream or hemorrhoid suppositories just don’t work as well as they claim, RectiCare can be counted on to provide instant relief. In fact, RectiCare is so popular that it is now seen as the go-to treatment to eradicate pain, itching, and burning and allows those who use it to avail themselves of a quick and painless treatment option. The addition of the finger cots is also well received by customers and allows them to apply the gel to their rectum without the need of ever having direct skin to skin contact. All in all, RectiCare is a trusted and well-respected treatment for hemorrhoids.

Common Questions & Answers

How Long Does The Numbing effect Last?

Typically, numbing will last between 60 minutes to 3 hours before reapplication is required. Its effects can be felt within 5 minutes for one of the fastest relief options available.

Does It Contain Steroids?

No. The active ingredient in RectiCare Gel is Lidocaine. There are no steroids in the treatment, so you can rest assured that skin thinning will not occur with its use.